National & G
rand Retrieving Trial Champion Beereegan Last Boy Scout CM.

Sire:Tockatunga Im In Trouble RRD
Dam: Kumarlie Charlie Brown

26/08/2007 – 28/07/2023

Hips 2/2 Elbows 0/0 DNA clear of all diseases 



Photos  by Lara Sedgmen

National 2012

What an awesome year for Scout he won all off these trophies in 2012.


“SCOUT” has been inducted into the Australian National Kennel Council Hall of Fame  in recognition of his outstanding achievements. 

Scout lives to retrieve He has a fantastic temperament and loves his work whether competing or hunting. He represents the very best of Australian breed working retrievers.

(We retired Scout from competition at the end of the 2015 Trial season.)


 At 9 months Scout won his first Novice at 12 months he gained the title of Novice Retrieving trial Dog 

He won his first ALL AGE at 20 mths and with this win the title of Restricted Retrieving trial Dog

At 3 years Scout won the Tasmanian State Championship giving him his Retrieving Trial Champion title

In 2012 Scout was second in the Queensland State Championship – Second in the New South Wales State Championship 

FIRST in  the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP  held in Western Australia giving him the title of National Retrieving trial Champion.


He also Won the Victorian State Championship and with this win he became a Grand Champion after accumulating 120 retrieving points 

He finished the year winning the inaugural Jack Montasell Trophy for Retrieving Trial Dog of the Year in 2012 in Victoria and the Australian Retrieving Trial Dog of the year all this at 5yrs of age


On the 23/6/2013 Scout was awarded a Certificate of Merit at a SA trial with a score of 190 pts from possible 195

2013 – Scout won the Western Australian, South Australian and Tasmanian State Championships, runner up in the National Championship and  placed third in the ACT Championship.
After the Tasmanian State Championship he had gained enough points to make him a Dual Grand Champion , accumulating over 250 retrieving points
Scout again takes out
 Australian Retrieving Trial Dog of the year for 2013
2014 – Scout won the South Australian State Championship, the following weekend he placed 3rd in the National Championship   
he was runner up in the Tasmanian State Championship
He was also awarded a 2nd Certificate of Merit in May
and a third in July 2015
On retirement he had accumulated 342 pts 
“SCOUT” has been inducted into the Australian National Kennel Council Hall of Fame  in recognition of his outstanding achievements 


He carries both Chocolate and  Black

His progeny tested so far 

Beereegan Cool Hand Luke 0/0 hips 0/0 elbows ) (Scout & Mackenzie Son)
Beereegan Smoke on the Water 0/2 hips 0/0/elbows ( Scout & Marley Son)
Beereegan A Little Chaos Hips 2/4 Elbows 0/0  ( Scout & Mackenzie Daughter)
Beereegan Last Man Standing Hips 2/2 Elbows 0/0 (Scout & Mackenzie Son)
Beereegan Storm Chaser 2/3 hips  0/0 elbows (Scout grandson Zack and Tully )
Beereegan Indi Of Tullamore 1/2 Hips 0/0 Elbows( Scout Granddaughter Ranger & Tully) 
Beereegan Double Or Nothing 2/2 Hips 0/0 Elbows (Scout  great-grandson Sully & Takhini) 
Scout NTL & GR RT CH Beereegan Last Boy Scout 8 years his Son Rip Beereegan Last Man Standing 6 months
Photos From The South Australian National & State Championship
SCOUT loving his new Jacket
Scout passed away on the 28/07/2023 rest in peace dear old boy you gave us 16 years of love ❤️🐾


Parents Grand Parents Great Grandparents


 Tockatunga Im In Trouble RRD
Hips3/3 Elbows 0/0






 S. Reveirter Jet Hawk CD RRD



D. Tockatunga Lucky Penny



S. Waintree Bellbottom Best NRD
Hips 2/2 Elbows 1/1
(Produced 2 NTL RT Champions for us)



D. Beereegan Merin Merin NRD Hips4/5 Elbows 0/0

S. Gaemist McBeth (A) ET
D.RT CH Firefield Yankee Belle CM (A) (AI)
S. RT CH Coalvally Contender (A) CM
D. RT CH Bambillay My Choice (A)




 Kumalie Charlie Brown
Hips 2/4 Elbows 0/0
S.CH Zenchel Bellbottom Blues (AI)
D. CH Waintree Simply Thebest
S. Graebar Blackwatch (AI)
Hips 4/1 Elbows0/0
D. Beereegan Ellen Kelly(Produced 2 NTL RT Champions for us) 
Hips 4/4 Elbows 0/1
(Produced 2 NTL RT Champions)