We currently have no puppies available ! 

Our next litter is planed for early 2022.

“We are not taking applications at the moment, if you are after one of our pups, applications will open again in November 2021.

If you would like information on  any future litters we may have planed, fell free to give me a  call  on the number below

 Our pups are  $3500  registered on the “Limited Register” with Dogs Victoria. see below.

Our adult dogs have had a full breed DNA profile and are screened for Hip Dysplasia & OCD and are under the breed average, they all have current eye certificates. 

Our puppies are raised in a very stimulating environment, where they learn to explore and experience new situations, ensuring they are ready for life with their new families.


Puppies are Microchipped, vaccinated and Vet checked.

and come with a puppy pack with all the information you will need. Included in your puppy pack – Signed Dogs Victoria registration certificate, parents Hip and Elbow certificates  DNA results of both parents, concise Puppy Health record from birth to 8 weeks of age ( vaccination, worming, weights and development stages) vaccination certificate and 6 week health check from our vet. Information on all nutritional needs, current feeding regime and training tips.



Whelping room                                             Puppy activity yard

We occasionally have trained dogs available
*We also place Bitches/Dogs out on breeders terms from time to time  see below.
If you are interested, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this arrangement with you.
Dogs Victoria registration number 3008668720 You can verify this number at office@dogsvictoria.org.au
 source  number is RB105936 
all enquirers to beregan@bigpond.com
Please leave a message I will get back to you in due course
Mobile 0408364172(Wendy)
Mobile 0418501171(Mark)

5 Week old Nina and Trapper puppies playing on their activity gym


*What does ‘Limited Registration’ mean?
The puppy is registered with the Victorian Canine Council. Inc., on the ‘Limited Register’ Your puppy has been breed from registered parents, grand and great grandparents. You can have your puppy transferred into your name with Dogs Victoria.Inc, a transfer fee only needs to be paid and you do not need to join as a Dogs Victoria. Inc. member. But, if you decide to enter Obedience/Endurance/Fly ball/Agility/Tracking, etc., trials/competitions, you need to become a Dogs Victoria. member as well as have the dog transferred into your name. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ONLY WISH TO JOIN A LOCAL TRAINING CLUB AND TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR PET DOG TRAINING NO MEMBERSHIP OF THE CONTROLLING BODY IS REQUIRED – ONLY MEMBERSHIP TO THE CLUB. Only the Breeder (at their discretion) can transfer your puppy from Limited Register to the Main Register. The puppy cannot be shown at ‘Dog Shows’ (Conformation classes) & if you bred this animal, the offspring will not be entitled to Dogs Victoria. registration papers (which are subject to ANKC rules). The puppy is ineligible for export.
*Why do breeders put puppies on the Limited Register?
In many cases, most of the puppies out of a litter are sold as ‘pets’ with the expectation that they will be de-sexed. This is encouraged under ‘Responsible Dog Ownership Schemes’. By placing the puppy on Limited Register, the Breeder is providing the benefits of registration with the clear expectation that the puppy will be a pet. It is also a way to restrict the new puppy owner from ‘backyard breeding’, that is, to discourage irresponsible bree
*Breeder’s Term deffinition

On occassion we identify puppies  (male and female) that we think will one day qualify for our breeding program. On such occassions we will either keep the dogs to live with us or we will seek to find suitably qualified homes for our prospects to live in on “breeders terms”.

The term “breeders terms” is used widely and often has a different meaning depending on the individual you are speaking with. In many instances the general public assumes that “breeders terms” puppies/dogs are those that the breeder cant sell – this could not be further from the truth!!

At Beereegan Labradors, the breeders terms prospects are those that we believe will have the ability to influence our breeding program in a most positive manner, therefore the breeders terms dogs are those with the most potential in our eyes.

At Beereegan Labradors we believe that the people participating/assisting in our breeders terms program should be rewarded with keeping the dog at the conclusion of the program

In simple terms the prospective Family will be given the dog, and look after the dog in accordance with the agreement signed by both parties. Soon as the dog has fulfilled their predetermined participation in the breeding program; Beereegan Labradors will transfer ownership. A copy of the agreement can be obtained from us

If you think you would be interested in participating in such a program then please contact us to discuss further and investigate the possibilities of putting your name on our waiting list for breeders terms puppies or young dogs.