Emma and Bonnie,  Beereegan Bonnie Tyler well done Girls 2019 Duck season
Trapper and Bella Duck season 2019
Mark and Trapper 2019
NTL & GR RT CH Beereegan Last Boy Scout CM (Scout)
             NTL&GR RT CH Beereegan One Tree CM (Swampy)
Jake’s Two Dogs, Ranger 12mths (Beereegan Smoke On The Water)
 on the left Pheasant shooting 2015
Beereegan Back In Black (SCOUT) Scout and Marley Son first Duck season 12mths 2015 owned by Bill & Anne
Trapper 6mths Scout 7years  SA Duck opening 2015
Simon and Beereegan Ruby Tuesday (CLOE) 12mths Scout & Marley Daughter 1st Duck season 2015
Luca and Beereegan Beretta Olympia (Michonne)  at her 1st Duck season  she is 4 mths old
Luc with” Chief” and Luca with” Michonne” both dogs 5 months (group bag) 
David with Sarge Lottie & Chops Son 6 months
Scout Duck season 2016
” Annie”  Beereegan Dakota with her first deer👍😀
Couldn’t be happier with her. Thanks guys. Cheers Rick
Rick with Annie  Beereegan Dakota her first Duck season 2017 Trapper & Marley daughter 12 months old
Oscar’s first duck season – Tully & Trapper son 6 months old owned by Ivan
“WINNIE”  Beereegan Wind In The Willows owned by Jim duck season 14 months old   Zack & Georgie daughter
“BELLA” owned by Anthony Quail season – Zack & Marley Daughter 2 years old
“DUKE” Beereegan  Indigo Blue 12 months old, owned By Bart (Tully & Trapper son) retrieving Magpie Geese in Darwin
“DUKE” Beereegan Indigo Blue now 2 years old
           Michael and Ava  her first duck season                                “Ava” Beereegan Sierra Nevada who lives with Michael
“CHASE” Beereegan Jarrah Jacks & “AVA” Beereegan Seira Navada                  David & Michael with Chase & Ava brother & sister at there first Duck season
Beereegan Ebony & Ivory “Gemma” owned and trained By Rick
RT CH Beereegan Wonder Son
Lake Buloke 1986
“Ava” Beereegan Sierra Nevada  Retrieving through the Decoy 2018 she was 7 months old
Asha and Tikka 2019
Roxy and Christian her first season 2019 she’s 11 months old
Tully Lake Toolondo 2019