Kadnook Solitary Man RRD

HIPS 2/3 ELBOWS 0/0  — 

 Trapper has had a full Breed Analysis Test and is Clear of all Diseases and Traits available at this stage

Available at stud:Yes to approved bitches.

Dam: Kadnook Keepin Th Dream

Sire: UK FT CH Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood (UK)



Trappers Sire is a 2 time winner

of the English IGL National Championship

and his grandfather has sired 34 UK FT Champions

“Trap” will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program 

Trapper gained his Novice title at 11 months! and has since gained his RRD tital



Trapper 12 months


Pedigree of “Kadnook Solitary Man RRD”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 UK FT CH Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood (IMP UK)

Hips 3/6 Elbows 0/0


 UK FT CH Mediterain Blue (UK)

UK FT CH Endacott Shelf (UK)
Drakeshead Evie (UK)
Delfleet Dawn Flush (UK) Fintan Thor Of Westernash (UK)
Delfleet Golden Glory (UK)


Kadnook Keepin The Dream

Hips 2/2 Elbows 0/1


CH Wtsaname Tramonto
Hips2/2 Elbows1/0
CH Kadnook Wikd and Free NRD
Bella (IMP ITA)
Kadnook Believe Indreams
Hips 2/1 Elbows 0/1
Kelvinhead Drop O Scotch (IMP UK)
H. 2/2 E 0/0
CH Kadnook Dare To Dream



“Trappers” Sire UK FT CH Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood (UK)

Grandfather UK FT CH Mediterain Blue (UK)