Taz 11 months  old in this photo



Sire: Beereegan Cool Hand Luke
Dam: Huntogun Tullamore Dew NRD
Whelped: 15/04/18

HIPS 2/6 ELBOWS 0/0 

Taz has had a full Breed Analysis Test and is Clear of all Diseases and Traits available at this stage

Taz lives with Sandy and Fen, Sandy is training her for Retrieving trials, she has a sweet gentle nature, and she loves retrieving


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Beereegan Cool Hand Luke

  H 0/0 E 0/0


 GR RT CH NTL RT CH Beereegan Last Boy Scout CM

H 2/2 E0/0

Tockatunga Im In Trouble RRD

H 3/3 E 0/0

Kumalie Charlie Brown

H 2/4 E 0/0

 Beereegan Mackenzie NRD 

H 2/5 E 1/1

Beereegan Buloke RRD

H 2/2  E1/1

Beereegan Odessa

H 2/2 E 1/1


Huntogun Tullamore Dew NRD

  H 2/2 E 0/0

 Highcrest Chas (UK)

H 6/6 E 0/0

   UK FT CH Mediterian Blue (UK)
 Bonnylass Brownie (uk)
 Lettergreen Alice (imp uk)

H 3/3 E 0/0

 UK FT CH TwedshotTrimble Of Lettergreen (AI) (UK)
 Rosie Rhoda Of Lettergreen



Taz and Mum Tully /Tully at the front and Taz at the back

Taz with her first Litter, she’s a beautiful Mum