Sire: Beereegan Cool Hand Luke
Dam: Beereegan Remington Classic
Whelped: 28/07/18

HIPS 1/3 ELBOWS 0/0 

Nina is DNA Clear of all Diseases and Traits available at this stage

Current eye certificate 27/03/21

6 months old in this photo




Nina has a sweet happy nature, she loves the water and retrieving and has plenty of prey drive, we believe she is a wonderful example of the breed.

Pedigree of “Beereegan Nina Simone”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Beereegan Cool Hand Luke

  H 0/0 E 0/0


 GR RT CH NTL RT CH Beereegan Last Boy Scout CM

H 2/2 E0/0

Tockatunga Im In Trouble RRD

H 3/3 E 0/0

Kumalie Charlie Brown

H 2/4 E 0/0

 Beereegan Mackenzie NRD 

H 2/5 E 1/1

Beereegan Buloke RRD

H 2/2  E 1/1

Beereegan Odessa

H 2/2 E 1/1


Beereegan Remington Classic

H 2/1 E 0/0

 CH Aralyen Ice Age

H 1/1  E 0/0

SUP CH Aralyen Devine Ice
 CH Aralyen Moment In Time

Beereegan Kodiak Bear

Hips 2/3 Elbows 0/0

RT CH Coalsgarth Cooper

H 1/1 E 0/0

Kumalie Charlie Brown

H 2/4 E 0/0




                                        “REMY” Nina’s mother Beereegan Remington Classic          “ZACK”  Nina’s father Beereegan Cool Hand Luke